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Boost engagement through a better employee experience

Motivate employees to perform at their best at every touchpoint of their journey by providing clarity on their contribution to organizational direction and delivering talent initiatives driven by employee feedback

Drive purpose through organizational alignment

With dynamic goal setting and cascading goal layouts, our performance management software provides employees with alignment and transparency into their contributions toward business objectives.

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Recognize employee contributions

Encourage and support a culture of high performance by publicly recognizing achievements with gamification badges.

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Empower career progression with personalized development

Boost employee engagement with actionable development plans towards employees’ career progression. Employees can also be assessed on skills and competencies, and leverage recommended learning materials to improve their competencies towards their future career.

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Listen to employee voice

Talent initiatives affect employees; let their voice be heard and valued by using pulse engagement surveys so employees can easily provide feedback and play a role in driving company culture.

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Goal setting

Align business objectives to team functions and personal development

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Social feedback

Acknowledge achievements through recognition badging

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Continuous feedback

Provide just-in-time performance feedback from managers and teams

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Compensation Management

Incentivize desirable behaviors and performance

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Pulse surveys

Deliver talent initiatives based on the voice of the employee

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View people

Intuitive visualization of all your employees with key performance indicators

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