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Committed to the client experience

Cornerstone OnDemand provides every client unparalleled service and support designed to maximise the value of our client’ investments in our solutions. That’s why Cornerstone Success Services has a dedicated team of support specialists focused exclusively on helping our clients get the most out of their deployments.

client service

Client-driven innovation

Success Services listens to the “voice of the customer” to stay connected with our customers’ current business needs and remains constantly vigilant for new and creative ways our clients can use Cornerstone to overcome complex business challenges.

This constant feedback from our clients consistently informs our product development – development driven exclusively by our customers themselves.

Success Services
Release communication

Release communication

Our release communication introduces new features and familiarises clients with insights and advice into business applications.

From initial release announcements and notes to live webcasts and training, Success Services provides our clients with the foundation required to develop and deploy effective internal change management, from end users to executive leaders.

Product optimisation

Our Success Services super-users are experts with Cornerstone’s products and services and possess extensive experience and understanding of the underlying processes our solutions support.

Working with the Cornerstone Consulting team, our specialists can help organisations optimise their current deployments, suggest process improvements and partner with internal stakeholders to deliver maximum return on their Cornerstone investments.

Product optimisation
Knowledge through connections

Knowledge through connections

With 24x7 support, our client community creates conversation and connections while providing a forum for members to learn more and share feedback directly with Cornerstone – and each other.

Put your network to work by leveraging the power of their collective knowledge and experience.  Make new connections, share ideas and build best practices in a real time, collaborative environment that's always there when you need it.  

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